Nurming Saleh, Misnawaty Usman, Misnah Mannahali


This research is a qualitative study that aims to find out how the implementation of the
tudang sipulung culture as group communication in foreign language learning. The research
was organized in the Foreign Language educational Department Program at the Faculty of
Languages and Literatures, Makassar State University, and data were collected through
participatory observation in teaching and learning foreign languages. The research data were
analyzed using Miles and Huberman model data analysis. The analysis consists of four main
stages: data collection, data reduction, data presentation (data display), and conclusion
drawing /verification. The study results showed that the culture of the tudang sipulung as
group communication is one of the methods that can be applied in learning foreign languages.
This culture can be used as one of the procedures during the learning process in which it is the
primary method and part of learning models. The cultural implementation of the tudang
sipulung as group communication has four main elements: interaction, time, number of
members, and goals. In addition, this culture also adopts primary, secondary, linear, and
circular communication patterns in its application. The Tudang sipulung culture also has
several benefits, such as establishing social relations, channeling ideas, thoughts, and
suggestions, improving critical thinking skills, developing mutual respect, making decisions,
plans or activities, solving problems, and producing solutions to the problems discussed and
increasing knowledge.
Keywords: the culture of tudang sipulung, group communication, forign language learning


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.36279/apsmi.v6i2.218

DOI (PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)): http://dx.doi.org/10.36279/apsmi.v6i2.218.g121


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